Embodied Somatic Practices

Working with individuals to develop practices that build trust and safety in our bodies, develop strength, stability, and mindfulness through movement, and provide education to support an approach to wellness that centers agency and self-efficacy.

our practice

When we are connected to those people, places, and practices that nourish us, we begin to move towards balance, integration, and connection naturally.


We are curious in the nuance of this process -- those tools & resources who nourish us best are different from person to person and even within ourselves can change moment to moment.


Together, we explore movement, breathwork, and integrative practices as we piece together a flexible framework we can move within to find support with those who nourish us.


About Kelly

Kelly is a movement professional who is passionate about learning, educating, and supporting people to find comfort and ease through moving with their bodies.

Kelly created Those Who Nourish in 2016 and continues to learn and grow in this work with others.

She is honored to join incredible humans on their journey to connect through movement, breath, and resource.

My work supports you through

Movement & Rest

yoga therapy | somatics | mobility | resistance training

Mindfulness & Breathwork

embodiment & regulation | meditation | breathwork

Balance & Integration

nourishment routines | resource mapping | connection to nature

a practice that welcomes your wholeness



cultural awareness & humility



holistic perspective


attuned space

integrative methods

mental health-aware


challenge by choice


LGBTQIA+ & gender affirming